Aj warrior cats wiki bluestar

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar

    The only ways you can archive this is if you cash in the accepted number of shells, and dm a leader. Can be found anywhere there are trees. The Blazing Star, Blazing Star. Cloudpaw was made into a warrior named Cloudtail. Chewed to a poultice, and applied to wounds. She called her username Feathertail because she thought everyone used canon names.

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  • Bluestar is a blue-gray she-cat with long fur and silver fur tinged around her muzzle and tail, a torn ear, a scar that parts the fur across her shoulders, a long tail. The Ultimate Guide characters, ThunderClan cats, StarClan cats. and 42 more. Deceased characters · Main characters · Leaders · Mentors · Bluestar's Prophecy. Bluestar is a pale blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

    Bluestar is a former leader of ThunderClan. She is born as Bluekit to Moonflower and Stormtail of.
    Lionheart was killed and Tigerclaw became deputy. Bluefur and Snowfur became warriors.

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar

    Can my OC be dark realmed? Bark can be thin, smooth, and gray in color. Cancel Save.

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar
    She is rescued by her kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur, and Fireheart.

    She later goes crazy after she finds out that Tigerclaw, her former deputy, was planning on taking over and would kill her in order to do it and she later rebels against StarClanand when she renamed Brightpaw to Lostface, who was attacked by Tigerstar's half-trained dog pack and she believed it was not cruel.

    In honeycombs or bees nests up in trees. This Article is Outdated! Your mentor will be Stonepelt. The tansy plant has round, yellow leaves, and has a very sweet and strong scent, making it good for disguising a cat's scent.

    Animal Jam Clans Wiki rules state that thread/discord groups may only have one An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles.

    The cat's ears pricked as two other cats walked into the den - a she-cat and a tom. The apprentices are the young members of the clan training too be warriors after . Thistlestar. Bluestar.

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar

    Queenbaby Sapphiregemstar Neutral, Cats. A medicine cat's main job is to heal their fellow Clanmates from their wounds and In Firestar's Quest, Petal and Echosong find a whole pile of burdock root.
    A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

    There he found out Tigerclaw had become ShadowClan's new leader. Graystripe hadn't proven himself as a trusted ThunderClan warrior yet to become deputy.

    MistClan Roleplay 17 messages. The deputy deserves respect as they are your future leader. She ended up losing Mosskit due to cold and harsh weather.

    My first prophecy!

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar
    Aj warrior cats wiki bluestar
    Please include both : Gender: Moons old: Desired rank:.

    The leader must be respected as their word is the law. After a few months, she became to grow bored. LynniaVelitia 15px LynniaVelitia. Could possibly ease pain, or stop bleeding.

    Our main area is animal jam, we do not require you to have a Discord it is just an extra thing where you can connect with us. Cures fever and chills.

    Her OC'S vary from cats, dogs, humans, skeletons, monsters, ect.

    came aroundshe started joining a few clans like 'Warrior cats RP my den!' She called herself 'Feathertail Animal Jam' because of the 'OC' that she Untitled bluestar.

    See more ideas about Gatos guerreros, Warrior cats books and Love warriors. Firestar by on @deviantART Birthday Cake For Cat, Warrior . Animal Jam Mobile: AJ Jump Cheats & Guide aj-jump- account-. (WindClan - Warrior Cat Wiki) Windclan are the fastest cats in the forest.

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    See more ideas about Warrior Cats, Warrior cats books and Warrior cats series. If you& wondering who the blue cat is, her name& Bluestar.(When she meet.
    LittleTheGrump 15px. That is why I choose you.

    The cat's ears pricked as two other cats walked into the den - a she-cat and a tom. Despite Smudge's warning, Rusty went out into the forest anyway, but was ambushed by Graypawa forest cat of one of the Clan's. When they arrived back at WindClan territory, Tallstar has Onewhisker and Deadfoot take the two warriors home.

    Best Warrior cats! images in Warrior Cats, Warrior cats books, Warrior cats series

    The territory is filled with prey again and the weather is warm and the woods are lush with plants.

    images aj warrior cats wiki bluestar
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    If we did, would you truly be free? RiverClan territory [source? Some areas of the cliff are very steep, providing a shelter over the beach, where some are low and jagged, allowing cats to climb up.

    It is common in hedges and other low, shrubby vegetation. Grows by a waterfall in RiverClan's forest territory. Snakerocks in the forest territories, [] just outside the medicine den in the SkyClan Gorge territory [76]. Good for healing wounds.

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